1:1 Sessions

(40 minutes May/October; 30 mins Nov/Apr) at £30

Tailored to your specific requirements*.

*If you would like to share your session with a friend – the price remains the same at £30

Block bookings: 2 at £55 or 4 at £100

Introduction to swimming & dipping through winter

Group sessions £15 per person (90 minute session) – minimum 3 swimmers

Ideal for anyone who is new to winter swimming/dipping.

There will be a talk on the beach, followed by a dip in the sea, warm up and an opportunity to ask any further questions.

Sessions run monthly from November to March.

Winter Cold Water Swim/Dips – Weekly Saturday Group

£6 per person per session

Wellbeing cold water sea dips throughout winter (November to End of March). 

Registration is required to be added to the group so that you are kept informed about the weekly meeting place and time.

Swimming spots – Westbrook Bay and Walpole Bay Tidal Pool in Margate dependent on tide.

From January 2023 – Main swim/dip spot will remain in Margate, in addition every month there will be the opportunity to swim at one or two other locations, so that you are able to experience some of the great swim spots along Thanet’s coast.

Improve your swimming technique – Group sessions

£12 per person per session (40 minute sessions) – min 4/max 6 swimmers per group

May to October – dependent on the weather and how acclimatized you are.

Introduction to open water swimming /Confidence sessions – Group sessions

(April to October) – £15 per person per session – min 2 people

1:1 swimming lesson for complete beginners (only held in summer) at Walpole Bay Tidal Pool.