Open Water Swim Coaching in Thanet

Do you want to:

  • Feel confident when swimming in the sea?
  • Improve your swimming technique?
  • Learn to swim with your face in the water?
  • Improve your wellbeing? 
  • Challenge yourself?


I am Vanessa and I am a qualified Open Water Swim Coach as well as a Swim Teacher, based in Margate, Kent.

I have always enjoyed swimming in the sea. Over the past couple of years, sea swimming as well as cold water dipping into the sea have helped me challenge myself both mentally and physically.

I have swum the River Arun in Sussex (6km) in 2016 and the River Dart in Devon (10km) in 2017. 

I am passionate about helping people enjoy the many benefits of sea swimming as well as help those who are nervous of water.

My aim is to make swimming accessible as well as create a safe and inclusive environment for people who access my sessions and foster a sense of community.

My swimming sessions currently are aimed at people over 16 years of age (there is no upper age limit). 

I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Services & Pricing

Individual and group coached sessions are typically held at Walpole Bay Tidal Pool in Margate.

If you would like a particular session in a different location, this may incur an additional charge.

1:1 Sessions

(30 minutes + question time) at £30

Tailored to your specific requirements.

Introduction to Winter Cold Water Swimming & Dipping

Group sessions £19 per person (60-90 minute session) – minimum 3 swimmers

1:1 sessions £45 (60-90 minute session)

Weekly Winter Cold Water Swim/Dips – Group

£10 per session Pay as you go or pay your sessions a month in advance at a discounted rate.

Wellbeing cold water sea dips throughout winter .

Registration is required to be added to the group so that you are kept informed about the weekly meeting place and time.

Swimming spots – Westbrook Bay, Walpole Bay Tidal Pool in Margate, Stone Bay in Broadstairs, dependent on tide and participants locations.

Improve your swimming technique – Group sessions

£20 per person per session (40 minute sessions) – min 4/max 6 swimmers per group

May to October – dependent on the weather and how acclimatized you are.

Introduction to open water swimming /Confidence sessions – Group sessions

(April to October) – £20 per person per session – min 2 people

1:1 swimming lesson for complete beginners (only held in summer) at Walpole Bay Tidal Pool.